Christmas in Prague, Part 2

Monday, December 25 – Merry Christmas! All three of us had a good night of sleep. Avery needed it the most. In the morning, Brian and I exchanged a few stocking stuffer gifts. That’s what we had decided on this year since we were doing two big vacations. Brian met up with Greg at 9am […]

Christmas in Prague, Part 1

Friday, December 22 Today was the first day of winter vacation! We had a great itinerary to get to Prague, with a direct flight and good times. At the gate in Sofia, they switched our seats and separated us, but on the plane we managed to get back together. The man sitting next to us […]

Thanksgiving weekend full of Christmas markets!

Wednesday, November 22: Basel When you do something two years in a row, can you start to call it an an annual event? I think I will. This trip was our second annual Thanksgiving-Christmas Market holiday weekend with Greg & Carroll! Last year we were in Vienna (Vicki was a part of that one too), […]

The Authentic Athens Marathon

I’ve never been that interested in running a marathon. My mom ran a number of them some years back and the training she put in for them, didn’t seem enjoyable to me. A lot of miles and running for hours on end. I thought that if I’d ever do one, I’d want to have a […]

Amsterdam and Brussels - Part 2

Friday, November 3 I didn’t want to lose the whole morning again, so I set out for my run at 8am. I haven’t yet talked about the bikes in Amsterdam. It’s a crazy scene! It’s the most striking thing about the city. There are bike lanes on every street and there is a constant flow […]

Amsterdam and Brussels - Part 1

Tuesday, October 31 It has been a busy few days! Avery and I arrived back in Sofia on Sunday night. We were welcomed by Brian at the airport and by our good friends, The Brannigans and Daphne, at our house. Then, last night, Brian threw me a little birthday celebration. He also made a delicious […]

G-tube Operation

Avery just had surgery yesterday to have a g-tube installed. Thankfully, the surgery went well, and despite some complications afterwards, he seems to be recovering. Oriana, as always, deserves the medal of honor. She is putting in the work of loving and caring for Avery over the next days in the hospital (and weeks in […]

Balkans Road Trip - Days 14, 15, 16, & 17 - Ohrid & Home

Wednesday, August 23 – Berat to Ohrid Breakfast at the hotel was only until 9am so we made sure to get there by 8:30am. Avery was still sleeping, so we left him in the room and monitored him via a WhatsApp call between our phones. The hotel breakfast was great and the terrace it was […]