*New pictures posted on the photos page* We have made it to the weekend! At the moment Brian is passed out on the couch. We had another long and tiring day at school. Today was more about getting yourself organized and ready to go. I had a fairly short morning meeting, then had the rest […]

As you can see, I added pictures to Oriana’s post from yesterday. Just a few pictures to get a sense of our apartment. I think that Oriana and I are a little exhausted and overwhelmed at the moment. As the title says, we need the weekend to come rapidamente! Today was another long day of […]

!Tenemos un departamento! (We got an apartment!)

The biggest news of the day is our apartment! Just a couple of hours ago we secured a nice 1-bedroom apartment in La Condesa. After looking at a few different ones and searching online, it was great to finally find one that we are very satisfied with. It is in a great neighborhood and is […]

Oriana and I have officially arrived and lost our DF virginity. Vivamos en Mexico! I have really loved what I have seen so far, and feel that I will really grow to feel at home here. Here is a two-day recap. I arrived at around 3pm yesterday, and quickly made it through immigration/customs. I was […]

As I rode in the cab this morning on my way to LaGuardia airport, I couldn’t help but look back at Manhattan and reflect on the last 6 years I have spent here. It is amazing to think that it has been that long already. I can so clearly remember my mom and dad helping […]

Last Two Weeks of NYC

With less than two weeks to go in New York City, we are getting in all that we can. There are still more sights to see, more restaurants to eat at, more shows to watch, and more people to say goodbye to. We are also looking forward to a family filled last two weeks with […]