Spring Break Part 2: Lviv, Ukraine

April 2-4: Our morning flight out of Kiev got us into Lviv and at our apartment by about 1pm. Our Airbnb apartment was spacious and very well located. Brian quickly noted the restaurant with craft beers on tap right across the street. We were only a block away from the main square, too. The weather was […]

Spring Break Part 1: Kiev, Ukraine

March 29-April 2: Our Spring Break trip started in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Avery and I left on Friday morning and we met Grandma Vicki in the Kiev airport, about 30 minutes after our arrival. All of her flights and the two of ours were on time and without a hitch. Together we took […]

Istanbul with Mom

March 2-5 Three days in Istanbul went by in a flash. It’s a huge city with lots of sightseeing, excellent food, and plenty of shopping to spend your money. On this trip it was Brian, Avery, my mom, and I. We stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast called Osmanhan Hotel, and it was […]

Madrid with Mom and Daphne

February 23-27 It’s the semester of traveling and this past weekend I went to Madrid with Avery, my mom, and Daphne. Brian was supposed to come, but a couple of weeks ago, the school made the last-minute decision to take the basketball team to Israel for some games. It coincided with our planned trip to […]

Barcelona with Vicki

Thursday, February 1: Our “extra” vacation came to a close and we started our regularly planned trip to Barcelona. Instead of flying back to Sofia to get our original flight, we booked a new one to go straight to Barcelona. At the Brussels airport we returned the rental car with no major issues, checked in our […]

Belgium & Luxembourg Road Trip - Last minute vacation

Sunday, January 28: It’s been a long day! We left our house at 4am in order to make out 5:45am departure to Charleroi, Belgium. Brian got an extra week off of school because the Ministry of Education closed all Sofia schools due to a flu outbreak. The pollution in the city is also very terrible. We […]

Egypt - Cairo, Part 2

Tuesday, January 2: We got to sleep in today! After a number of early mornings, it felt great to sleep late today. We had a leisurely morning with breakfast at the hotel and then got picked up at 11:30am for our Cairo tour. First, we stopped at two Orthodox Christian churches and the Ben Ezra synagogue. […]

Egypt - Nile River Cruise, Part 2

Sunday, December 31 It was an early morning to get to Edfu Temple. We left the boat at 6:30am which is waaaaay before Avery wakes up. We carried him wrapped up in his swaddle and he slept the entire outing, even through the horse and carriage ride. The Edfu temple was great. They say it […]

Egypt - Nile River Cruise, Part 1

Friday, December 29: The wake-up call was at 3am. Thankfully we got in bed early so we got a decent night of sleep. Our driver picked us up at 3:30am and took us to the airport. Check-in and security was easy and so we took our hour flight to Aswan, getting in at around 8:15am. There […]

Egypt - Cairo, Part 1

Wednesday, December 27 Africa here we come! Today the three of us will enter a new continent. Brian’s continent count is at 5, whereas Avery and I are at 4. It wasn’t a very exciting day since it took the whole day to get to Cairo. There were’t great itineraries in our price range, so […]