Day Twenty-Three: El Final

Today was our last day of our amazing Patagonia trip. It was hard to believe for both of us that we would soon be headed back to the realities and responsibilities of daily adult life. While away for these three weeks we didn’t have many stresses aside from “What are we doing to do today?” or “Where do you want to eat tonight?” Without letting too many of the other stresses back into our minds, we enjoyed out last day.

Riding bikes in Bariloche

Our flight back to Rio left Bariloche at 5pm, so we had half a day to explore the surrounding area of Bariloche. We decided we wanted to explore it on bikes and so we found a place in town to rent bikes for the day. We took off on the road going west of the city, not really sure how far we’d make it, but thought it would be a scenic ride. It did turn out to be scenic, though, there was no bike line on the road, so it made the ride a little annoying to have to fight with the car traffic. The road followed the lake with uphills and downhills. We ended up riding about 13 miles out and stopped for a rest at another lake with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. We couldn’t spend too much time, so we headed back on the rode. It wasn’t an easy ride with all the uphills, but we made it, and returned our bikes to the shop. Before stopping back at our B&B to get our bags, we did a little shopping in town to pick up a few last times that included wine, chocolates, and lunch. Then we quickly changed and repacked all our things at the B&B. Soon we were off to the airport.

One of the many lakes in Bariloche
One of the many lakes in Bariloche

The travel home went smoothly, even with our layover in Buenos Aires. We landed in Rio, got out bags, and grabbed a taxi to go home. We arrived at our apartment around 1am, unpacked our things, and went to bed. We would have one day of rest before going back to work.

This Patagonia trip was a trip of a lifetime. We saw so many beautiful sights and wonders of the world. We experienced the outdoors of two amazing countries. We hiked, road bikes, took boats and bus, and drove around the vast landscape that is Patagonia. We learned about the history of the area and saw how global warning is effecting the glaciers. We encountered wildlife that we’d never before seen. We met very a lot of great people; both locals and international travels, and heard their stories. Brian and I are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore this amazing part of the world. We thank all those who contributed to our wedding fund to help make it a true reality. We created so many memories from the trip that will surely stay with us until the day we die. We are happy to share this blog as a means for recording all that we did and saw. We hope you enjoyed reading it and seeing the photos. We enjoyed writing and sharing our experiences.

El fin.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your blog!


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