Day Twenty-Two: Bus to Bariloche

We woke up at 6am to get the bus ticket situation figured out. We had decided that our only option to print the tickets would be at a business hotel. It was Sunday, and early, so nothing would be open. There was a business hotel a few blocks away, so we packed up our things and headed out. I was the one to go into the hotel, because we though I’d have a better chance of persuading them to let me use their computer and printer. Sure enough, it worked. 20 minutes later we walked away with our printed bus tickets and walked the rest of the way to the bus station. We had a little time to wait until our 8am bus departed. Brian was able to get some sleep on the ride to Bariloche, but not me. We passed through the Chile and Argentina border patrol with ease.

DSC01031The landscape around the border area is quite interesting. It was sunny today so we got to take in the views. There is a national park here, but a few years back a nearby volcano exploded and spewed a ton of ash into the surrounding area. This park had an interested feel to it. Dramatic mountain peaks, but dead trees and ground covered with ash. This time, we got a few photos, as you can see.

Our bus arrived in Bariloche around 3pm. We took a taxi to our B&B, the same place we stayed the other night in Bariloche. We ran the doorbell, but no one answered. We waited, tried to log on to the internet, and finally got enough of a connection to email the owner and say we were here. About 20 minutes later a couple girls walked out from the back and we told them we were waiting for the owner. They called him, but there was no answer. We waited a little long, and then finally decided to leave our packs in the backyard and walk around the city. We hoped to get an email from him letting us know when he would return. We sat by the lakeside eating the rest of our chips and salsa and then had down for a beer in town. Two hours later and we still had not heard from the guy. We were really getting annoyed and didn’t understand why he wasn’t there. With nothing else to do, we walked around and then sat at another restaurant and played gin rummy. It was around 6:30 or 7pm when we decided to check once more at the B&B. If he was not there we would take our things and find another place.

We rang the doorbell and the owner opened the door. He explained that he had been at the lake all day because he thought we were supposed to have arrived yesterday. He had waited around for us yesterday and was not expecting us today. He said that he an open room for the night, and showed us in. We were thankful to have a room, but a bit annoyed with the miscommunication. We knew what happened though. The our first night in Bariloche before going to Chile, we asked him if we could stay the following week on Sunday. He responded with yes, Saturday, that’s fine. I corrected him and said, no Sunday night. It was a quick conversation before he was headed out the door. I was a bit concerned that he did not hear me correctly, so that night I emailed him to confirm the date. He responded late (2am) that night in agreement that Sunday was good. Well… apparently he still had the date wrong. It inconvenienced both of us, but what can you do?

After dropping our stuff in the room, we headed out to the same cervezaria we ate at the previous week for dinner. We enjoyed our meal of pizza and salad, then crashed in our room for the night.

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