Dublin, Ireland with Jacob & Catherine

St. Steven’s park

June 7-11: The final trip of my 6-weekend marathon traveling was in Dublin, Ireland with my brother Jacob and his wife, Catherine. Avery and I both went and we got there one day before my brother. Avery was sick with throat infection but was on the mend with his antibiotics. Still, he was tired and whiny. I got some lunch at a restaurant, and then we sat in St. Steven’s park for a little while. Avery was acting so tired but couldn’t fall asleep. We walked around the city center for a while and finally, Avery fell asleep. After settling into our apartment for the night, we made it an early night.

Jacob and Catherine got to the city around noon and we all met up for lunch and a little wandering around. We had a 4:30pm check in time for our B&B that was just outside the city a little bit. We did that and then stayed in the area for dinner. They had been up for about two full days and were wiped out.

Group shot

On our first full day together we drove South. We stopped off at Ireland’s tallest waterfall, Powerscourt. It was a nice waterfall and the park around was beautiful as well. We continued on south to Glendalough and the Upper Lake where we went for a medium length hike along the lake. For the drive back, we took the scenic route through Wicklow National Park.

In the evening we checked out the coastal town of Dun Laoghaire and had dinner there. We stayed out a little later, past 10pm, but it didn’t feel like it because it was still light out when we walked to the car!

Powerscourt waterfall

For our second full day, we spent it in the city. We visited a couple of free museums (National Gallery of Ireland and Chester Beatty Library), walked a lot, rested in a park, and then went to the Guinness Storehouse. That place was crazy. There were so many people and it was set up as a pretty big production. At the end, you get a free pint. For dinner, we ate at a traditional Irish pub and had their fish and chips.

On our final day together, we didn’t have a lot of time since Avery and I were flying out at 2pm. We had our routine breakfast at the B&B and then packed up and drove to Howth. We walked around a little, grabbed a snack, and then they dropped me off at the airport.

It was a fun time to be able to hang out with Jacob and Catherine in a new place. Avery wasn’t one hundred percent, but he still did really well and I know they enjoyed spending some time with him.

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