Paris & the French Open

My first trip without Avery!

Wine and snacks after arriving in Paris

Brian and I have done a lot of traveling in the past two years and it’s all been with Avery. While I am used to and comfortable traveling with Avery, there is a sense of freedom and less stress traveling alone. No stroller to worry about or diapers to change.

I took this trip with a couple of friends who were just as excited as I was to see the big tennis tournament. We spent one full day at the courts to see the 3rd round of matches. We got to see some great tennis and lots of the sport’s stars. First, we rooted for our Bulgarian boy, Grigor Dimitrov, who got beat in 3 sets by Verdasco, but the first set (which went to a tiebreak) was exhilarating. Next up at one of the outdoor courts was Venus and Serena Williams in their doubles match. We waited in line for a little while to get in, and eventually we made it and got front row seats! We watched two Czech women play against each other in a singles match before the Williams sisters’ game. Seeing the two sisters play together was definitely the highlight of the day. We were so close to them it felt like you could easily have a conversation with them. This was Serena’s first tournament back after having her baby and still she was amazing to watch. The sisters pulled out the win in 2 sets.

We made our way back to our seats at Court 1 and watched the 2nd and 3rd sets of the Thiem vs. Berrettini match. That was fun to watch with their strong and fast serves. Thiem looks unstoppable and he won in 4 sets. Our final match of the day was a men’s doubles match. Another fun one because the pace of the game is so fast. Their reaction time is insane. After the first set, they covered the courts due to the rain. We waited it out, but eventually all matches were suspended until tomorrow. After spending 9 hours out there and seeing a lot of excellent tennis, we were satisfied.

That night we had dinner and drinks out and I enjoyed the freedom of not having to go back home and take care of Avery.

On the second full day, I visited with Brian Hurst, Marcela, and their little 6-month old, Gael, who I met for the first time. It was so great to spend time with them. Gael is such a sweetie. We hung out in their apartment and then in the park near The Louvre enjoying the beautiful weather and sharing a bottle of wine.

Later on, I met up with my friends for dinner and drinks and crepes. We called it an early night since we were all pretty tired and needed to wake up fairly early for our flight. It was a fantastic weekend with great company.

Back at home, Brian and Avery had a good boys weekend. Avery went to a couple of classes with Brian, a big school dinner (St. George’s holiday), and hung out with friends. Avery caught some bug the last night which made for a rough night of sleep for Brian. Hopefully it’s short lived and he gets healthy quickly. (Update two weeks later: Avery got a throat infection… yuck).


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