Rio Reunion in Lake Como, Italy

May 10-13: This trip was not about sightseeing. It was about being in a beautiful place and spending quality time with our close friends who we worked with in Rio de Janeiro. This reunion consisted of the current European sector of the group: Mike and Ellie Bowe, Brian Hurst, and us. It had been around a year since we had seen any of them.

There’s not a lot to report of what we did, but it was a special time to be together. We wandered aimlessly through towns, took boats across the lake, had excellent food and drinks, laughed a lot, reminisced about Rio times and caught up on each other’s lives.

Although we all have kids, Avery was the only one who came, so he got a lot of attention from his Rio Aunts and Uncles who were all there in the early (and challenging) days of his life. Giving birth in Rio and with all of Avery’s challenges, it was so important and valuable for us to have that strong friend group. They’ve known Avery from the beginning and somehow that feels different, good different. It’s something I can’t explain.

So, a short post. Not a lot of words can describe what a great time it was with our friends. We’re already looking forward to the next time we can do this and get more of the group together.

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