Venice, Italy

Piazza San Marco

April 20-23: We had been wanting to go to Venice for some time now, but we weren’t sure it was going to happen. Somehow, we managed to fit it in this past weekend, and I’m sure glad we did. Venice is different than most European cities. The countless canals create a soothing atmosphere as you wander through the maze of streets. The city is funny in that the main thoroughfares are very crowded with tourists, but if you step off of these streets and walk a couple minutes away, you can be completely alone on a quiet street. I liked this because sometimes the hustle and bustle got to be too much and it became hard to enjoy where we were.

Walking around with a stroller is not the most convenient thing in Venice. only a handful of the hundreds of bridges have ramps so that means carrying the stroller up and down. Brian and I are used to carrying Avery in his stroller, but not up and down stairs every few minutes. We did it, and probably made it look easy, but it got tiring!

On Friday evening we wandered around the city, getting a feel for it. We settled on a small cicchetti tapas place near our apartment. We had our second round of prosecco and spritz drinks for the day and the food was good. Of course, we had to close out the night with some gelato.

On Saturday we spent most of our time on two nearby islands, Murano and Burano. Murano is known for its glass blowing and pretty much all there is on the island is shops selling Murano glass. There were interesting things to look at but we could only handle so much of it.

Next was Burano, known for its lace making and colorful houses. This island was much more interesting. It was so picturesque with all the colors and canals. There were a number of lace shops, but also lots of cafes and restaurants. We had lunch and people-watched along the main drag.

Happy boy!

Back in our apartment we took a break, recharged, and then headed out to dinner across town. Since we had bought day tickets for the islands we figured we use them to get to dinner. This restaurant, Nevido, was recommended by one of Brian’s students. We had some amazing shrimp and artichoke risotto and shared a bottle of prosecco.  Once again, we finished off the night with gelato!

Brian left on Sunday morning to head back home while Avery and I stayed. Ryanair only flies on certain days and so it was cheaper for Avery and me to stay until the next fight out on Monday. We spent most of Sunday walking around. We walked through the old Jewish Ghetto, then to the Rialto market, which was very underwhelming. After that, we did more walking and got some snacks. It wasn’t the easiest walking because I had to carry Avery in the stroller up and down the bridges by myself. Somehow I managed fine.

We called it an early night to get a good and full night of sleep before our travels tomorrow. Avery slept like a baby and was in one of his slow and tired moods on the way home.

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