Balkans Road Trip – Days 8 & 9 – Dubrovnik, Perast, & Kotor

Thursday, August 17 – Korcula to Dubrovnik to Perast

Dubrovnik from the city wall
Kayak tours around Dubrovnik

Today was a long day. We got up and out early to catch the 8am ferry from the island to the mainland. We got there at 7:30am and were one of the first 10 cars on the boat. We arrived in Dubrovnik at 10:30am and lucked out on a parking spot very close to one of the gates into the city. Our first priority was to walk the city walls. All the guidebooks say it’s the top thing to do. We prepared for the heat, but it’s always a little more difficult with Avery. We couldn’t take the stroller because there were too many steps so we put Avery in the carrier. The problem was that he hasn’t been doing well in there lately. He whines and gets upset or has a hard time breathing properly. This led to Brian carrying him in his arms. Still, it was hot without much shade but we did our best to keep Avery cool by spraying him down. The city wall walk was worth it. Great views of the city and surrounding area.

Inside Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Afterwards, we went to a vegetarian restaurant recommended to us by our friend and our guidebook. It was called Nishta. We reserved a table for an hour later and meanwhile we did Rick Steves’ walking tour. We learned a little about the city, but honestly, it was so hard to enjoy the city because of the heat and all the people. There were so many people.

Dubrovnik from a distance


Lunch was delicious! Maybe the best food yet on the trip. We walked back to the car and drove to Montenegro. The border was a little busy, but still only took us about 20 minutes to get through. We arrived in Perast at about 5:30pm and checked into our apartment. It was wonderful. It had a great view out over the huge, dramatic bay. We’re not sure why, but the air in the bay seemed especially hazy (A few days later we saw some fires on our drive to Albania). We walked through the town, which is just one street along the water and about a half mile long. We watched the sun set behind the mountains and light up the sky in a pink, orange wave.

In the apartment I cooked up our leftovers (bacon, egg, & cheese sandwiches) and we put Avery down to bed. He struggled to fall asleep. Meanwhile, we booked accommodations at the next three locations.

The view from our apartment

Friday, August 18 – Perast & Kotor

Breakfast on the water

Today was another one of those low-key days that we need here and there. I got up and ran in the morning. First time in 4 weeks! My body didn’t feel great, but it was nice to finally be back out there.

For breakfast we went to a restaurant on the water. We ordered two breakfast plates and toast, thinking it would a light meal because of the prices, but we had more than enough food! From there, we took the car and drove to the walled city of Kotor, about 20 minutes away. This was a really nice city. We both liked it more than Dubrovnik. Maybe because there were less people, but it just had a nice charm to it. There were lots of cute artsy shops. I finally found nice oil and vinegar serving bottles; something I’ve been looking for for a while! We also found some hand stitched purses from Turkey, but they were very expensive.

Walled city of Kotor nestled up against these dramatic mountains

We drove back to Perast and hung out in our apartment for a little while as Avery napped. I skyped with my parents. In the evening, we took the 5 euro, 5-minute boat ride out to Gospa od Skrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks) island. We didn’t spend much time out there, but it provided nice views of the bay and Perast.

The man behind the camera in Kotor

We had booked dinner reservations at the top-rated restaurant, Conte, at 6:30pm so we headed there after a quick stop at the apartment. Dinner was wonderful. We ate seafood while dining on the water’s edge at sundown. Avery was talkative and hyper at dinner which was a little awkward since it was a nice restaurant and I didn’t want him to disturb the others. Our food was delicious. Brian had a huge bowl of mussels and I had squid stuffed with prosciutto and cheese. It was a nice end to our day.




Nice dinner on the water

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