Made It!

Brian and I have finally made it to Spring Break! It seemed like a long haul the last couple of weeks. We can finally relax a bit. We are now waiting the arrival of Brian’s mom, dad and sister. We pick them up from the airport tomorrow afternoon for their week long stay here in the DF. They will be only our second guests to come down and visit us this year. We are very excited to have them!

After getting off work today we went on a wild goose chase looking for one particular bookstore in Santa Fe. This bookstore was said to have a Ticketmaster and sells soccer tickets. Mexico is a funny and irritating place sometimes. We went to the area that we thought the bookstore was in and asked like 5 different valet people and store employees if they knew it, and no one did. (The bookstore ended up being like a 5 minute walk from where they all were.) Once we finally found the bookstore, inside a university campus, the guy at the Ticketmaster counter told us they don’t sell soccer tickets. We continued to tell him that online at Ticketmaster it says they sell soccer tickets (whereas some places don’t). Then he’s like… “Hmmm, let me check.” Sure enough, 10 minutes later we’re walking out of the store with soccer tickets. You think people should know how to do their job and all parts to it. You would think people know their surroundings. Not always the case. Especially in Mexico.

So… we have soccer tickets for the Pumas vs. Queretaro soccer game this Sunday. The Pumas are a DF team from the major university that is here (UNAM) and they play their home games in the old Olympic stadium. Should be a fun activity for all of us on Sunday. The rest of our plans include going to Teotihuacan, a huge ruins site just outside DF. We also plan on driving out of the city for a night into Taxco and Tepoztlan. Should be a fun week ahead! Hopefully we can put up some pictures with the new camera that’s on it’s way!

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