Wednesday, September 21

dsc02237What do most teachers do when they get their school calendar? Look for holidays and start planning their vacation! The school year just began, but Brian already has a 4-day weekend due to Bulgarian Independence Day. For this long weekend we decided to rent a car and drive to the northeastern side of the country to visit some towns and sights.

dsc02252Avery and I picked up the car from the airport at noon and drove it back to the house to get packed up and pick up Brian. Today’s plan was to stay the night in Lovech, about a 2-hour drive from Sofia. On the way, we stopped at the Saeva Dupka cave. We were taken on a tour with another group of three into a rather small, but very impressive cave. Brian and I have been to quite a few caves in Mexico and Brazil, but this one stood out because of the amount of stalagmites and stalactites in such a condensed area.

After the cave, we continued our drive to Lovech where we checked into Guest House – The Old Lovech. dsc02264It was a cute little place and the owner was very friendly. He showed us our room and then Brian had to go downstairs with him to sign the registration form. Brian didn’t come back to the room for almost 30 minutes. The guy just talked Brian’s ear off. He seemed to love history and definitely knew a lot about the area and the country. It was just kind of funny. After we settled in, we walked to the town square just a few minutes away. There is a covered bridge with shops in it, but most were closed already. We sat down for dinner at Drakata on the main square. They had a big menu and good food. We love all of the salads we can get here! After dinner we walked back to our room and went to bed since it was already 10pm and past Avery’s bedtime.

Covered bridge and colored buildings in Lovech

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