Saturday, July 30th

Cooling off in the trough of mountain water

On Saturday we went to meet our close friends we’d worked with for three years in Brazil, Mike and Ellie Bowe. Like us, they were in between jobs, and also like us, they were moving to Europe. Actually, they were moving only half an hour from where we’d been staying for the last three weeks, and before their move, they were spending time in Ellie’s hometown of Freiburg. Freiburg was only two hours away, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to see them. After picking up some wipes for Avery and a few things at the bakery for breakfast, we hit the road a little after 10am. The drive went fine, and for part of it, we went through some of the beautiful Black Forest. People drive very fast in Germany. The speed limit was 120 kmh, but I was often going a solid 150kmh, and people were still flying by me.

Our starting point, the old city gate.

We got to Freiburg a little after noon and hung out for a little in the Bowes’ backyard. Then, we took a quick train into the old city. Ellie was a local, so she had all the inside knowledge to lead us on a personalized sight-seeing and culinary tour. We started at one of the two surviving gates of the old city, and from there, we saw the old cathedral and city hall (where the Bowes got married!) among other sites. We also ate some delicious sausages and red currents followed by some amazing ice cream. It was a hot day, but Freiburg has these amazing  channels of mountain water running on the sides of the old streets. Kids love to play in them, and they’re also perfect for dipping your feet in and cooling off. We found a good spot to dip our feet and break up the tour. Eventually, we ended up at a biergarten drinking radler (beer and sprite) and eating some good food. It was nice to be with German speakers who could tell us what everything was on the menu!

All of these people are playing Pokemon Go

After eating and drinking a bit, we headed to a park to see if there was an event going on (there wasn’t), and then, we meandered back to the Bowes. We hung out for just a little bit longer before hitting the road back to Tubingen. It was really nice to see Freiburg, and more than anything, it was really nice to hang out with good friends. After being a bit out of place for the last three weeks, we felt like we were back in our wheelhouse a bit in the comfort of old friends.

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