May 2018

Meteora, Greece (and Melnik, Bulgaria)

May 23-27: This trip had been planned for a while. It’s a place we had heard about from past ACS friends. We needed a long enough weekend to do it since it’s a 6-hour dive. This was the perfect time. Brian, Avery, and I left on Wednesday afternoon and drove to Melnik, just north of […]

Beer Lovers’ Marathon- Liège, Belgium

May 18-21: It’s not often that Brian and I visit a place more than once and to visit a place three times is very unusual. This past weekend we made our third trip to Brussels. It was a short stay since our main focus was Liege for the Beer Lovers Marathon. Avery and took the […]

Rio Reunion in Lake Como, Italy

May 10-13: This trip was not about sightseeing. It was about being in a beautiful place and spending quality time with our close friends who we worked with in Rio de Janeiro. This reunion consisted of the current European sector of the group: Mike and Ellie Bowe, Brian Hurst, and us. It had been around […]

Berlin, Germany

May 4-7: The focus of this weekend was my 25km race through Berlin that Brian’s uncle Greg talked me into. He’s done it a few times. It sounded like a fun race and would be a good opportunity for us to see Berlin. It was a three-day weekend due to a Bulgarian holiday on Monday, […]