Sawtooth Wilderness

October 11-14, 2018 Our trip to the Sawtooths was amazing for so many reasons. First of all, neither of us had ever heard of the Sawtooths until about a year ago. A climber/photographer I follow on Instragram posted a photo from there and I couldn’t believe this spectacular place existed within driving distance from Brian’s […]

It’s been 8 years since we’ve lived in the USA, and much longer than that since either of us has lived on the west coast near our family. Two years in Mexico, four in Brazil, and two in Bulgaria. What an amazing time it’s been. Back in 2010, we started this whole international teaching thing […]

The Last Hurrah – Athens, St. Petersburg, & Tallinn

June 29-July 8 Eight years abroad has given us a lot of time to travel the world. We move back to the USA in two days, at the same our last big European trip comes to a close. Brian finished school on June 29 and that afternoon we started the 10-day trip with a flight […]

Dublin, Ireland with Jacob & Catherine

June 7-11: The final trip of my 6-weekend marathon traveling was in Dublin, Ireland with my brother Jacob and his wife, Catherine. Avery and I both went and we got there one day before my brother. Avery was sick with throat infection but was on the mend with his antibiotics. Still, he was tired and […]

My first trip without Avery! Brian and I have done a lot of traveling in the past two years and it’s all been with Avery. While I am used to and comfortable traveling with Avery, there is a sense of freedom and less stress traveling alone. No stroller to worry about or diapers to change. […]

Meteora, Greece (and Melnik, Bulgaria)

May 23-27: This trip had been planned for a while. It’s a place we had heard about from past ACS friends. We needed a long enough weekend to do it since it’s a 6-hour dive. This was the perfect time. Brian, Avery, and I left on Wednesday afternoon and drove to Melnik, just north of […]

Beer Lovers’ Marathon- Liège, Belgium

May 18-21: It’s not often that Brian and I visit a place more than once and to visit a place three times is very unusual. This past weekend we made our third trip to Brussels. It was a short stay since our main focus was Liege for the Beer Lovers Marathon. Avery and took the […]

Rio Reunion in Lake Como, Italy

May 10-13: This trip was not about sightseeing. It was about being in a beautiful place and spending quality time with our close friends who we worked with in Rio de Janeiro. This reunion consisted of the current European sector of the group: Mike and Ellie Bowe, Brian Hurst, and us. It had been around […]

Berlin, Germany

May 4-7: The focus of this weekend was my 25km race through Berlin that Brian’s uncle Greg talked me into. He’s done it a few times. It sounded like a fun race and would be a good opportunity for us to see Berlin. It was a three-day weekend due to a Bulgarian holiday on Monday, […]

Venice, Italy

April 20-23: We had been wanting to go to Venice for some time now, but we weren’t sure it was going to happen. Somehow, we managed to fit it in this past weekend, and I’m sure glad we did. Venice is different than most European cities. The countless canals create a soothing atmosphere as you […]