December 2017

Egypt - Nile River Cruise, Part 1

Friday, December 29:┬áThe wake-up call was at 3am. Thankfully we got in bed early so we got a decent night of sleep. Our driver picked us up at 3:30am and took us to the airport. Check-in and security was easy and so we took our hour flight to Aswan, getting in at around 8:15am. There […]

Egypt - Cairo, Part 1

Wednesday, December 27 Africa here we come! Today the three of us will enter a new continent. Brian’s continent count is at 5, whereas Avery and I are at 4. It wasn’t a very exciting day since it took the whole day to get to Cairo. There were’t great itineraries in our price range, so […]

Christmas in Prague, Part 2

Monday, December 25 – Merry Christmas! All three of us had a good night of sleep. Avery needed it the most. In the morning, Brian and I exchanged a few stocking stuffer gifts. That’s what we had decided on this year since we were doing two big vacations. Brian met up with Greg at 9am […]

Christmas in Prague, Part 1

Friday, December 22 Today was the first day of winter vacation! We had a great itinerary to get to Prague, with a direct flight and good times. At the gate in Sofia, they switched our seats and separated us, but on the plane we managed to get back together. The man sitting next to us […]