May 2017

Romania Road Trip: Sibiu to Drobeta-Turnu to Sofia - May 27 & 28

Saturday, May 27 This morning we allowed ourselves some time to sleep in, and then we packed everything in the car. Before leaving town, we wanted to walk around more because last night we didn’t get a chance to see everything. Sibiu has three main plazas, all within a few minutes of each other. As […]

Romania Road Trip: Bucharest to Brasov - May 25 & 26

Thursday, May 25 Our alarm went off at 7:15am but neither of us could pull ourselves out of bed immediately. Fifteen minutes later we knew it was time to get up. Our plan was to get to Peles Castle around 10am because we heard it gets busy and there’s long lines. We got everything packed […]

Romania Road Trip: Sofia to Bucharest May 23 & 24

Tuesday, May 23: Sofia to Bucharest Today we set off for our road trip through Romania (mostly Transylvania). It’s a long drive to Bucharest and we wanted to get there as early as possible so that Avery didn’t stay up too late. We left immediately after Brian’s school day finished. We drove all the way […]

Plovdiv: May 12 & 13

Brian visited Plovdiv on the new-teacher trip right after we arrived in Bulgaria last August. He liked what he saw of the city and thought it would be nice for all three of us to return some time. I had some points left over on my Brazilian credit card and so I used them to book […]

Budapest: May 5-8

Friday, May 5 I think Brian and I both viewed this as a laid-back trip. Friends of ours from our time in Mexico now live in Budapest, so we coordinated with them to stay with them at their apartment. They knew the city and could show us around, and Brian and I would get to […]

Belogradchik & Vratsa: April 29-May 1

This part of the school year has been filled with holidays, which means lots of trips for us. We don’t know how long we will be in Europe, and we know it will be easier to travel with Avery while he is small, so we are taking every opportunity to explore this part of the […]