April 2017

Portugal: April 15, 16, & 17 - Porto & Guimarães

Saturday, April 15 Today we got to take the backseat for sightseeing in Porto. My dad has another friend, Eloi, who lives just outside of Porto in Lavra, and he offered to take us around for the day. We started by driving to his house, and then he took us around his neighborhood, which is […]

Portugal: April 13 & 14 - Sintra, Obidos, Coimbra, & Aveiro

Thursday, April 13 Today was another big day. Our plan was to go to Sintra, then Obidos, and then Coimbra where we would stay the night. We didn’t realize though, that there is a lot to see in Sintra. Not only that, but logistically, it’s hard to get around quickly. We left Lisbon at 9:30am […]

Portugal: April 10 & 11 - Algarve, Evora, and Lisbon

Monday, April 10 Today’s plan was to check out more of the Algarve and then drive to Evora where we would stay the night. Before leaving Lagos, we stopped by Praia Dona Ana, just a few hundred meters from our hotel. It’s a beautiful beach tucked between large rock formations. Today wasn’t a beach day […]

Sevilla & Portugal: April 7-9

I will start by saying that this was the first big road trip we have done with Avery. This kind of trip is one that Brian and I love to do and we have done similar ones in parts of Latin America. I had doubts about doing it with Avery. I thought it would be […]

We’re going home today! Avery and I left the Ronald McDonald house at 6:30am to catch the bus to the Stuttgart airport. We arrived with plenty of time. Security was being picky and they took away my ice packs that I use in a little cooler to keep Avery’s milk and food cold when we […]