July 2016

Sunday, July 31

Sundays are an odd day in many countries when you are traveling abroad. Depending on where you are, it varies how much is closed down for the day. This is something Americans aren’t that familiar with; Sunday is just like Saturday to us. Here in Southern Germany, pretty much everything is closed in these medium […]

Saturday, July 30th

On Saturday we went to meet our close friends we’d worked with for three years in Brazil, Mike and Ellie Bowe. Like us, they were in between jobs, and also like us, they were moving to Europe. Actually, they were moving only half an hour from where we’d been staying for the last three weeks, […]

Friday, July 29

Today would be Avery’s last significant day at the hospital. He had his final EEG scheduled for 10am. After a quick breakfast, we arrived on time with Avery a bit fussy because he was hungry and sleepy. That’s how we wanted him to be so he would sleep during the test. The technician got Avery […]

Thursday, July 28th

We grabbed some breakfast to go in order to meet Dr. Wolff at the hospital at 9am. He wanted to check Avery’s thigh to make sure his little wound from the skin biopsy was looking OK. Oriana and I had some concern because one of the bandages was already coming off. Those who’ve been around […]

Wednesday, July 27

Today we were back in the hospital after a 4-day break. In the morning, Avery had his fourth EKG and his second blood test since arriving in Tubingen. These two tests were intended to check that the new drug is not negatively effecting other parts of his body. The EKG was quick and Avery barely noticed […]

Saturday to Tuesday, July 23-26

The last days have been absent of any hospital visits, so we’ve had some time to be tourists. Before going into any touristy stuff though, I’ll provide an Avery update. Over the last days we’ve slowly upped Avery’s dosage of 4-AP from 1.5mg 3x a day to 2mg 3x a day. This means that with […]

Friday, July 22

Today was another checkpoint for Avery. He had an EEG to see if there was any noticeable effect so far from the new drug. The test was scheduled for 1pm, so our plan was to keep him awake for the few hours before to make sure he was tired going into it. For EEGs, the patient […]

Thursday, July 21st

It’s not like we’ve been crazy busy or spent countless nights with Avery as an inpatient, but it’s amazing how just a few hours a day in the hospital can zap you. Of course, you’re almost always there in the first place for some stressful reason, so I’m sure that has something to do with it […]

Wednesday, July 20

This morning we got to hospital around 10:30am and Avery had an EKG. This is his third one since arriving and each time I am amazed at how quick it is. They put all the sensors on him and then it’s less than a minute of monitoring and he’s done! Afterwards, we went to see Dr. Wolff […]

Tuesday, July 19

I met Oriana at the hospital around 9am. I expected to see her bleary-eyed from a sleepless night in the shared hospital room, but she was able to get a few hours of rest and then shake off the cobwebs. Most of our day at the hospital was uneventful, which I guess isn’t a bad […]