March 2014

Carnaval Highlights: -Costume ratings -Squirt gun fights -water ballon condoms -dancing in tutus  -Tequila shots on the street -“Where rrr you from?” -Sacoles

Day Twenty-Three: El Final

Today was our last day of our amazing Patagonia trip. It was hard to believe for both of us that we would soon be headed back to the realities and responsibilities of daily adult life. While away for these three weeks we didn’t have many stresses aside from “What are we doing to do today?” […]

Day Twenty-Two: Bus to Bariloche

We woke up at 6am to get the bus ticket situation figured out. We had decided that our only option to print the tickets would be at a business hotel. It was Sunday, and early, so nothing would be open. There was a business hotel a few blocks away, so we packed up our things […]

Day Twenty-One: Cochamo

Again, we woke up to cloudy skies. It’s been really difficult to figure out the weather here. Today was our last day in the lakes region. As we wandered to breakfast we still weren’t quite sure what today’s agenda held for us. We knew that we had to return the rental car at the airport […]

Day Twenty: Rio Petrohue Rafting

Brian and I woke up to partly cloudy skies again. We hoped it would clear up because today we wanted to go white water rafting. The owner of our place called a company in the morning to see if they had spots for us. Sure enough, they had two spots for their afternoon session at […]