February 2014

Day Nineteen: Puerto Octay Vicinity

Our stay in the lakes region was the only part of our trip that we hadn’t mapped out a lot. We’d read the info from our guidebooks on the area, but we wanted to leave the schedule a little more open. Thus, when we woke up today we weren’t 100% sure what we were going […]

Day Eighteen: Chiloe National Park & Pinguinera

It rained off and on all night. We woke up to more cloudy skies. We ate a breakfast of fruits, bread, and eggs at our hostel. We met a nice couple from Buenos Aires that were driving through Argentina and Chile from south to north. We also met a few younger kids that go to […]

Day Seventeen: Castro, Chiloe

We woke up around 8:30am to have breakfast at our posada and got an early start to the day. We hit the road for the island of Chiloe. To get there you have to take a short car ferry. We were surprised that as soon as we drove up to the port, we were loading […]

Our alarm woke us up early to get ready for our bus to Puerto Montt. Late last night we realized we didn’t have enough cash to pay for the room and our taxi this morning. I made a quick run to the nearest ATM a few blocks away. Our taxi was right on time at […]

Day Fifteen: Off to Bariloche

The warm bright sun woke us up in our tent after 8am. We laid around for a little, then packed up a few things and went into town. Our flight to Bariloche wasn’t until 4:30 so we had some time to eat and pick up a few last items. Specifically, we wanted to get some […]

Day Fourteen: Glacier Viedma

Brian and I have not yet figured out the whole bus traveling situation. In Mexico we never took a long distance bus. We always rented a car because it was the same or cheaper in price and it better suited our traveling style. In Brazil, we have only taken one, since we own a car. […]

Day Thirteen: Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre

Last night there was no wind, rain, or people talking at 3am. This night, though, had a new distraction; a man loudly snoring in the tent right next to us. I was tired enough to fall back asleep when I woke and heard it, but it kept Brian up for awhile. I’ve never run a […]

Day Twelve: Calafate to Chalten

Today we had a 1pm bus to catch to El Chalten. Before heading there we wanted to see a fairly new museum in Calafate called the Glaciarium. Since being in this area we have become a lot more interested in the geography, geology, and history of the area.¬†From the hotel, we took a taxi to […]

Day Eleven: Laundry Day!

Five days of backpacking called for a day of rest. We got a good night’s sleep in our king-size bed and woke up for a breakfast buffet at the hotel. We desperately needed to do laundry. Neither of us had any clean clothes left. Most our our clothes had been worn at least twice, and […]

Highlights: Los Torres in the morning light Los Cuernos from many angles Mirador Valle de Frances Freeze-dried meals (Teriyaki chicken was the winner) Hot showers Boxed wine at Paine Grande, night 3 Calafate liquor at campamento Frances, night 2 Ice baths in blue glacial lakes Drinking straight from the steams and rivers The weather! Food […]