January 2014

Day Three: Laguna Esmerelda

Today we slept in past 9:30am. There wasn’t any wind and rain, and our neighbors must’ve been more discreet; therefore, sleep came easier than the previous morning. After our customary breakfast and short morning prep we¬†headed out the door. We decided to check out Laguna Esmerelda, Trip Advisor’s #1 pick for Ushuaia. Being located 20km […]

Day Two: Maritime Museum and Penguin Tour

Had an early 7am wakeup (remember, it’s vacation!) as we had to catch breakfast and get down to the dock for our penguin boat tour. Even if we wanted to sleep in it wouldn’t have been possible, for a few reasons. First, the paper thin walls meant that we awoke when everyone else did, which […]

Day One: Arrival in Ushuaia

Oriana has already provided short updates about our three week trip in Patagonia, but during the trip we also took a written journal. We’ve decided to type up the journal to further solidify the trip in the blogosphere, and to throw in a few photos from each day as we go through all 2,000+ of […]

Here it is… The day-by-day recap if anyone really cares to read. Sunday Brian and I arrived Sunday afternoon into the Zurich airport. Greg and Carroll were there to meet us and guide us to the Leoneck Crazy Cow hotel we stayed at for the night. After dropping our bags and getting cleaned up after […]