June 2011

It's Contagious

           VS.         The Gold Cup final is happening today in the Rose Bowl. Mexico and the USA have both made it to the final yet another time. In the last Gold Cup in 2009, Mexico embarrassed the USA with a 5-0 win. Mexico has looked like the […]

Spelling Bee

The countdown continues… 10 more school days until summer vacation! This past Thursday was the 1st Annual 1st Grade Spelling Bee. It was my principal’s idea to have it and I went along with it. The word list consisted of all the spelling words my students have had over the year, plus about 15 more. […]

The Countdown Begins

The official countdown to summer vacation has begun. It’s June, I finished my most recent masters class, and everyone is winding down at school. Brian and I are both ready to have a break from Westhill. In 20 more school days and 1 month from today, we will leave el DF to start our summer […]