April 2011

Alive Again!

Some of our flowers have come back to life after the deadly hail storm two weeks ago! The funny thing is that since the Hornecks left, we haven’t had any more rain (or hail). It rained almost every day they were here, and now… not a drop! It has been hot and sunny and we’re […]

It is hard to believe but right now it’s Sunday night and tomorrow morning brings us back to Westhill. We had a great Spring Break with Brian’s family, but we are definitely not ready to go back. Yesterday after Brian’s family left, he and I traveled down to the Zocalo to buy a couple Mexico […]

Coming to an end

Friday was the Hornecks’ last full day in Mexico. We had a laid back morning and went out to breakfast before heading out for the day. Since everyone was a bit tired from the previous day, we thought the Turibus would be a good idea. This is the Mexico City sightseeing bus where you can […]


After a shopping filled couple of days in Taxco, we drove back towards DF but stopped in Tepoztlan. Our plan was to do the 2k hike to a pyramid on the mountainside and then check out what there was to see and do in the town. Once we arrived in Tepoztlan we followed the street […]

Tuesday and Taxco

New photos are up! After Teotihuacan we spent a day in the city’s markets and around the Zocalo.  We started off in the Tuesday food market that is only a few blocks from our apartment.  We were able to buy a few replacement plants for our balcony garden, which had been ravaged by the hail […]


Yesterday was day three of the Semana Santa adventures with mi familia.  We took the hour drive out of the city to the pyramids/ ruins of Teotihuacan.  On the drive out there we only got lost once, which is considered a success in Mexico.  We also hit a little traffic, but it wasn’t horrific so […]

Pumas vs. Queretaro

A new photo album is posted! Check it out on the Fotos page! We had a full day in the DF! This morning we took a short walk around the neighborhood to see the damage from the hail storm last night. There was still piles of hail on the streets and fallen leaves all over. […]

We survived day one! Barely.

Today marked the first official day of Semana Santa/Spring Break and my parents and sister arrived safely.  Oriana and I picked them up at the airport without any major problems and we settled into the apartment.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat at a new restaurant/cafe close by, which was good.  After eating we […]

Brian and I have finally made it to Spring Break! It seemed like a long haul the last couple of weeks. We can finally relax a bit. We are now waiting the arrival of Brian’s mom, dad and sister. We pick them up from the airport tomorrow afternoon for their week long stay here in […]