February 2011

New videos from Valle! More to come soon! Oriana’s paragliding trip Oriana Paragliding from Oriana Campbell on Vimeo. Brian’s flight Brian’s trip up from Oriana Campbell on Vimeo.

**LOTS OF NEW PHOTOS ON THE “LAS FOTOS” LINK**  CHECK ‘EM OUT! I’ve decided to throw a curveball and give Oriana a rest from posting.  I am not gagged and hand-tied by a cartel as some friends have joked, but I am alive and fresh off the puente in Valle de Bravo.  I will try […]


Day two in Valle de Bravo was all about paragliding. Our hotel manager scheduled a 10am taxi for us to take to the launching point for paragliding. Of course the taxi didn’t get here until about twenty after 10. We arrived at Monte Piñon around 11am and expected to take off with the paragliders shortly […]

Brian and I arrived yesterday evening to our weekend destination of Valle de Bravo. Our budget hotel is right in the Zocolo (center) of town and is easy walking distance to a lot of things around. Last night we wandered down to the wharf for dinner and ate at a Lonely Planet recommended restaurant. It […]