December 2010

Merry Christmas to all! Peace on Earth! We send our wishes to everyone where ever you may be. Brian and I will be spending our Christmases separately, once again, but in the warmth of our families. We have another sunny Christmas here in Oxnard, California and I am sure Brian is having a white Christmas […]

1 day to go!

Brian and I have a half day of school tomorrow and then we are free for the 2-week winter break! This last week has dragged on as things at school slowed down to a crawl. Each day this week I have had fewer kids. Today I had 7 of 15 kids in my first class. […]

Oaxaca Post... Finally!

We apologize for the very delayed Oaxaca post here. But it’s up now! So enjoy! Hopefully you got a pretty good idea of what we did and saw in Oaxaca from the pictures we posted. If you haven’t looked at them, head to the photos page and check out the 3 albums we posted from […]