November 2010

After an amazing trip to Oaxaca City, Brian and I are just happy to have made it back to DF on Sunday. It was a close call at the airport. I know I should start with Day 1, but our last day on Sunday was filled with events that were just so Mexican that I […]

Two new photo albums are up on our photos page. These are from our first two days in Oaxaca. We have been so exhausted when we get back to our hotel that we haven’t had the energy to post. We leave for DF in the morning and will be back in our apartment by noon. […]

Another Adventure in the Big City

Everyone was thrilled to race out of school at noon today! On to the vacations! We have a 4 day weekend which Brian and I desperately need! Before heading to Oaxaca tomorrow we wanted to make a trip downtown to look for bikes. Mexico City shopping is an experience. They put all the same kinds […]

Today the elementary school at Westhill celebrated Thanksgiving together. The PTA put together a turkey-filled meal for all the students, staff, and parents. They turned our playground into one giant dining room. The kids loved it and I liked getting a little break from teaching. Mexico (and Mexicans) takes holidays seriously here. At school we […]

Today we returned to the daily grind at Westhill.  We spent the 3-day weekend at the beach with our friends Sol y Cerveza (our friends Noelle and Daniel were also there).  We went to the same beach hotel that we stayed at in September, and I’m sure this stay was not the last.  Oriana, Daniel, […]

Check the photos page to see the newest album, Teotihuacan. Not a whole lot else to share at the moment. Brian and I had grad school class all last weekend, with a project due, so we didn’t really do anything. Tomorrow we are going to try out a free month-long Spanish class that is nearby […]

Periferico --> Taxco

NEW PHOTO ALBUMS ARE POSTED! We said our goodbyes to OC’s parents yesterday morning.  Having them here forced us to get out and see some things, which was nice.  We got to see a few fantastic archaeological sites (Teotihuacan & Cuicuilco), and a few fun neighborhoods. It was also nice to have there company for […]