October 2010

Campbell Parents in DF

We apologize for slacking on the posting. I know it’s been a little too long since the last. We have been busy this week with my parents in town. They arrived safely Monday afternoon and made their way to our apartment in Condesa. They last visited Mexico 30 years ago when my grandmother was living […]

Oh America!

The newest topic for my class is the United States of America. I thought that I needed to make a giant flag in my classroom, as you can see in the picture. I never thought I’d appear so patriotic. ha. It is interesting because to most of my kids the USA is just another foreign […]

Congratulations Allyson and Ian!! Ian and Allyson’s wedding took place yesterday evening at a house residence in Anaheim Hills, California. It was beautiful! A lot of work by a lot of different people went into all the preparations to make it look amazing. Close friends and family joined in the celebrations to make for a […]

Brian and I made it to California yesterday afternoon. We are here for Ian and Allyson’s wedding. It’s going to be a short trip here, but is very nice to see all the family. Some people will be there that I haven’t seen in yeeeeeears. Everyone is doing last minute preparations before we head down […]

And So It Begins...

Masters in International Education here we come! Brian and I have officially started the masters program here in Mexico City. Classes are every few weekends from Friday after school through Sunday evening. Pretty intensive, but I think we’re off to a good start. Our first and current class is Language and Diversity. Our group who […]

As special education coordinator I often have students who need tutoring, and I will recommend a teacher who I think might be a good fit.  Teachers cannot tutor their own students, but they are free to tutor any other Westhill children.  Anyways, while meeting with the mother of a 1st grade child last week at […]

Carrera Bicentenario

So this last weekend Oriana and I ran in the Carrera Bicentenario 10K.  Everything about the registration process and the actual race was muy Mexicano.  For starters, the race packet pick-up on Saturday was a 30 minute taxi ride from where the race took place on Sunday.  Luckily it was in a cool area of […]