September 2010

Last night Brian and I signed up for the 10k race this coming Sunday! Might be a crazy idea since we have only run about 5 times since moving to Mexico, but hey, who’s really counting? The race starts and ends pretty close to our apartment so it’s pretty accessible, just have to get up […]

Moving Along

Another busy week went by and on to the next. We apologize for the lack of posts in the last week. We were struggling to keep the energy up as it was difficult to come back for a full week of school after having a 5-day weekend. The trip was a success and we really […]

Sometimes it is sad to consider that the majority of the U.S. knows so little about its neighbor down south.  This giant country has a plethora of diverse geography, history, and culture which most Americans simply don’t know about, or don’t care to learn.  American media is dominated by immigration, drugs and violence, and Mexican […]

Pie de la Cuesta & Acapulco

New photo album! We successfully made it out of the DF early yesterday morning and have enjoyed our first two days of vacation at the beach! We fit 5 people in a very small car for our 5-hour drive. With all of us and our bags in back, we were pushing 50 miles per hour […]

Mexico City Marathon

This morning was the Mexico City Marathon. The course went just two streets from our apartment so I got up early to try to catch the leaders. The course map that I saw online did not give any mile/km markers but the part by our apartment looked to be about half way. I went over […]


I woke up this morning, read a friends post on Facebook about remembering 9/11 friends, then realized it’s been 1 year since my Uncle Martin passed. In many ways I can’t believe it’s already been that long. That rough time is so vivid in my mind that it doesn’t seem like that long ago. Time […]

El Jardinero

It’s Thursday… this is a good and bad thing. It’s wonderful because there’s only one more day of work until the weekend. It’s not so wonderful because it means that my 2-week lesson plans are due tomorrow. Uhg. These lesson plans are very tedious and I feel are not very useful in the long run. […]

My brain is scrambled so this post is just a bunch of gibberish. Squirt or Fresca + tequila= white trash margarita.  It is a fairly common drink in Mexico, but I cannot remember what they call it so I have just been saying “white trash margarita”.  It is pretty delicious, and I don’t recall anyone […]

Costco in Mexico

Today we ventured out to find Costco here in the city. It’s in the neighborhood of Polanco which is one of the more upscale neighborhoods. We took the metro to Polanco, then had about a mile walk from their to Costco. These are a few pictures from the walk. We saw a few runners on […]

One more day until the weekend. I had (and Brian is still having) a very exhausting day today. Brian is currently out at the Carpatos Parent Back to School night. (Carpatos is the other campus). He also has to attend the Middle School/High School one tomorrow night and Santa Fe Elementry (mine) a week from […]