August 2010

What a whirlwind today! I thought it would be a pretty easy day with half of it filled with special classes (music, PE, Science). Not a chance. So many little things I have to keep up with. Marking work, putting work up in the classroom, writing the children homework in their agendas. The school really […]

Le polvo se asienta (the dust settles)

After a whirlwind of a first school-week, the dust is still settling.  Schedules are still being worked out, materials are still arriving, and routines are still being established.  Of course, this makes it difficult to complete a lot of tasks at school, however, I have managed to stay very busy.  Each day has been filled […]

First day as head teacher… DONE! Thank goodness! Was it fun? Not quite… I could probably write an entire essay on the 9 hours that I was at school today, but I will not bore you with that. I will try to get to the point, fast! 5:30am wake up call… Had to be at […]


Another weekend down. Biggest news is that today OC and I talked to Abbs, Ted, Ashley, Mom, and the newest addition, Mason! Congrats! Abbs looks like she is recovering very well from baby #2, and now I am a proud uncle of a nephew.  Mason also seems to be in good health etc, so all […]

Westhill Drama

We have survived another week in Mexico. We made it through orientation and class prep and are ready for the school year to start! I titled this post Westhill Drama because in two weeks I have already heard more than I wanted about Westhill’s past and current situations. Brian and I have had many conversation […]

Mercado de martes

On Monday Oriana and I began a carpool with a coworker so that we could cheapen our trip to work by not having to take taxis everyday. A lot of coworkers live really close by, so we had no problem filling the vehicle quickly with other eager coworkers. The vehicle, an old GMC Blazer (I […]

A short update of the last couple days. I just added some new photos from our walk in Bosque de Chapultepec. Check out the photos page for that. On Sunday, Brian and I had a chance to wander through our neighborhood and into Bosque de Chapultepec. This is a very large park in Mexico City. […]

El Primer Sabado

Finally we got to sleep in today and it felt marvelous! We ventured onto the Metrobus this morning in order to get to Wal-Mart to buy some things for our apartment. After a bit of trouble with the ticket machine, we made it on. Got our things are Wal-Mart and took a cab home with […]


*New pictures posted on the photos page* We have made it to the weekend! At the moment Brian is passed out on the couch. We had another long and tiring day at school. Today was more about getting yourself organized and ready to go. I had a fairly short morning meeting, then had the rest […]

As you can see, I added pictures to Oriana’s post from yesterday. Just a few pictures to get a sense of our apartment. I think that Oriana and I are a little exhausted and overwhelmed at the moment. As the title says, we need the weekend to come rapidamente! Today was another long day of […]