Madrid with Mom and Daphne

February 23-27 It’s the semester of traveling and this past weekend I went to Madrid with Avery, my mom, and Daphne. Brian was supposed to come, but a couple of weeks ago, the school made the last-minute decision to take the basketball team to Israel for some games. It coincided with our planned trip to […]

Barcelona with Vicki

Thursday, February 1: Our “extra” vacation came to a close and we started our regularly planned trip to Barcelona. Instead of flying back to Sofia to get our original flight, we booked a new one to go straight to Barcelona. At the Brussels airport we returned the rental car with no major issues, checked in our […]

Belgium & Luxembourg Road Trip - Last minute vacation

Sunday, January 28: It’s been a long day! We left our house at 4am in order to make out 5:45am departure to Charleroi, Belgium. Brian got an extra week off of school because the Ministry of Education closed all Sofia schools due to a flu outbreak. The pollution in the city is also very terrible. We […]

Sevilla & Portugal: April 7-9

I will start by saying that this was the first big road trip we have done with Avery. This kind of trip is one that Brian and I love to do and we have done similar ones in parts of Latin America. I had doubts about doing it with Avery. I thought it would be […]