Rio Reunion in Lake Como, Italy

May 10-13: This trip was not about sightseeing. It was about being in a beautiful place and spending quality time with our close friends who we worked with in Rio de Janeiro. This reunion consisted of the current European sector of the group: Mike and Ellie Bowe, Brian Hurst, and us. It had been around […]

Venice, Italy

April 20-23: We had been wanting to go to Venice for some time now, but we weren’t sure it was going to happen. Somehow, we managed to fit it in this past weekend, and I’m sure glad we did. Venice is different than most European cities. The countless canals create a soothing atmosphere as you […]

Rome: February 3-8

Friday, February 3 On the flight over to Rome, Avery put on quite the show for us. He got into this overly happy and giggly mood that was just hilarious. We love seeing Avery this happy, but there is a down side. Usually it means he’s way overtired and has a hard time falling asleep. […]