Plovdiv: May 12 & 13

Brian visited Plovdiv on the new-teacher trip right after we arrived in Bulgaria last August. He liked what he saw of the city and thought it would be nice for all three of us to return some time. I had some points left over on my Brazilian credit card and so I used them to book […]

Belogradchik & Vratsa: April 29-May 1

This part of the school year has been filled with holidays, which means lots of trips for us. We don’t know how long we will be in Europe, and we know it will be easier to travel with Avery while he is small, so we are taking every opportunity to explore this part of the […]

Veliko Tarnovo

Friday & Saturday, March 10 & 11 My parents haven been great about visiting Brian and I in the homes abroad. They came to Mexico a couple of times and they came to Rio a few as well. My dad wasn’t able to make it on this trip, but my mom came and stayed for […]

Saturday, September 24 & Sunday, September 25

Saturday Brian and I woke up around 8am and Brian decided to walk around the city to take some photographs. Upon his return we had breakfast at the hotel and then got our things ready for the day out. Avery was sleeping so well we had to wake him up when we were ready. We […]

Thursday, September 22

In a small room with three people, if one person wakes up, everyone wakes up. I am still pumping milk for Avery, so I had to get up at 6am. While I was trying to be as quiet as possible, it, of course, still woke Avery up. Brian fed him, and when I was done, […]

Wednesday, September 21

What do most teachers do when they get their school calendar? Look for holidays and start planning their vacation! The school year just began, but Brian already has a 4-day weekend due to Bulgarian Independence Day. For this long weekend we decided to rent a car and drive to the northeastern side of the country […]

Settling into Sofia

We are three weeks into our new lives in Sofia, and I have to say (and I think Brian would agree with me),  I already feel more settled here than I did after three months in Brazil! I loved Rio, but it sure took a long time to feel like we were set up to […]

August Update

Upon returning from our Germany trip, Brian, Avery, and I spent some time in Oregon and California. We always love the time with our families. Living far away does not allow us to make frequent trips to see family, so the longer stays that we get in the summer and winter months give us quality […]